10 inch


The body electric    UK    RUSH 1110    Red wax P/S, picture label

The garden  USA  Picture disc  RSD 2013

The garden  EU    Picture disc RSD 2013



12 inch - World


Subdivisions  NL  812 005-1  PS, blue Mercury, b/w New world man + The spirit of radio (live)

Roll The Bones Germany  PS  2 live tracks


12 inch - Canada


SPE - 008   A passage to Bangkok / PS

SPE - 011   New world man

SPE - 012   Signals Radio Special

SPE - 014   The weapon

SPE - 019   Distant early warning

SPE - 022   The body electric

SPE - 023   Red sector A

SPE - 028   The big money

SPE - 030   Mystic rhythms

SPE - 032   Marathon

SPE - 037   Time stands still
SPE - 039   Lock & key

SPE - 050   Mission


12 inch - USA


MK - 32    Everything your listeners ever ...   

MK - 75    The trees      PS,Tower label, b/w Prelude + Circumstances

MK - 125  The spirit of radio  PS, Tower label, b/w The trees + Working man

MK - 137   Entre nous

MK - 185   Rush 'n' roulette  PS, Tower label, b/w excerpts from six songs (live)

MK - 188   A passage to Bangkok

MK - 216   New world man      clear wax white sleeve, Tower label, b/w Vital signs (live)

PRO 276-1  Distant early warning  White sleeve, black label, b/w Between the wheels   

PRO 290-1  The body electric    White sleeve, black label, b/w The body electric

PRO 320-1   Red sector A    Red wax Stickered white sleeve, black label, b/w The enemy within

PRO 382-1   The big money   Stickered white sleeve with promo stamp, black label, b/w The big money

PRO 400-1   Mystic rhythms    Black label, b/w Mystic rhythms 

PRO 532-1   Force ten       White sleeve, black label

PRO 689-1   Marathon      Stickered white sleeve, black label, b/w Marathon (live)

B0026270-01  Cygnus X-1 RSD 2017

12 inch - UK


RUSH 12          Closer to the heart        

RADIO 12         Spirit of radio       Blue Mercury label, b/w The trees + Working man

EXIT 12           Tom Sawyer          PS, Tower label, b/w A passage to Bangkok (live) + Red barchetta (live)

VITAL 12          Vital signs            PS, blue Mercury label, b/w A passage to Bangkok + Circunstances + In the mood 

RUSH 812         New world man      Blue Mercury label, b/w Vital signs (live) + Freewill (live)

RUSH 912         Subdivisions        PS, blue Mercury label, b/w Red barchetta + Jacob's ladder

RUSH 1012       Countdown        picture label

RUSH 1112       The body electric        PS, picture label, b/w The analog kid + Distant early warning

RUSH 1212       The big money        PS, yellow label, b/w Territories + Red sector A (live)

RUSH 1312 DJ   Time stand still        White label, b/w Force ten + The enemy within (live) + Witch hunt (live)

RUSH P 1312    Time stand still        Picture disc Stickered sleeve, b/w Force ten + The enemy within (live)

RUSH 1412       Prime mover        P/S, black label, b/w Open secrets + Tai Shan

RUSH R 1412    Prime mover      Holographic cover, black label, b/w Tai shan + Distant early warning (live) + New world man (live)

SAM 869           Roll the bones    45 rpm, black Rock ahead sleeve, roadsign label, b/w Face up + Dreamline

SAM 1263         Stick it out       45 rpm, black 'Rock ahead' sleeve, roadsign label, b/w Cold fire + Nobody's hero + Double agent