Titel Size Land Nummer
…Here We Go CD-R x3 USA 1210.22-98
…Run Short CD-R x2 USA 0912.48-99
1974 - 1981 DVD x2 UK 8,2388001869e+011
1974 Electric Ladyland Studios - Live ! LP   RSR 101
1978 CD-R x2 USA 2809.45-99
2112 - The Concert 10 inch x2 UK  
2112 - The Concert LP UK  
2112 Days CD   elements - 006
2112 Down The Drains CD / DVD EU GREX 038
2112 In Concert LP EU STBVNY002
30th Anniversary Tour CD x3 EU Rush 240904-1/2/3
A Desperate Voice CD-R x2 USA C199806
A Farewell To Kings LP EU RJ-7285-P
A New Reality CD Australia TR-05
A Passage To Syrinx LP EU CPLVNY 042
A Right To Passage CD Luxemborg 92050
A Show Of Hands DVD Brazil 9,7715185322e+012
A Symptom Of Life CD-R USA C199804
ABC 1974 CD EU LFMCD 512
ABC 1974 LP EU CL76027
ABC 1974 LP UK RCV 073 LP
ABC 1974 LP UK PARA 051 PD
ABC 1974 LP x2 UK RCV 073 LP
ABC 1974 LP x2 UK RCV 073 LPLTD
ABC 1974 LP x2 UK RCV 073 LP
Across The Airwaves 1974-1980 CD x4 Germany STBCD004
Admission Free CD-R x2 USA 0610.19-98
Agora Ballroom Cleveland Ohio 16.12.1974 LP EU RVPD 2046
Agora Ballroom Cleveland Ohio 16.12.1974 LP UK RVLP 2046
Agora Ballroom Cleveland Ohio May 1975 LP EU RVPD 2050
Agora Ballroom Cleveland Ohio May 1975 LP UK RVLP 2050
Alternating Currents CD-R x2 UK SRR-011
An absolute Rush CD-R x3 USA DR 10796-6
An Evening With Rush CD x3 Japan GE-189/190/191
Animated CD-R x2 Italy 43.70, 79.23
Another Round Of...Rush 'N' Roulette LP x2 USA R-84301/2
Another Wasteland CD-R x2 UK SRR - 008
Anything Can Happen CD-R x2 USA Prism 199803
Around The World LP USA TAKRL 930
At The Big Apple CD-R x3 USA 2001.6-98
At The Big Apple - Part 2 CD-R x2 USA 2401.7-98
Atmospheric CD x2 Luxemborg CC 301/2
Atmospheric Disturbance CD-R x2 UK SRR - 006
Autumn Woods And Winter Skies CD-R x2 USA P199807
Belt Up And Listen CD-R x3 USA 1703.52-00
Big Ben CD-R x2 USA J6680
Bigger & Better In Texas (Titanium) CD-R x3 USA RSP-961205-2
Birmingham '83 CD-R x2 USA 0601.55-01
Black Hole Of Cygnus X-1 CD x2 Japan GE 095 / 096
Bone The Rolls CD Germany GLR 9251
Bottle Of Booze CD Japan GE 133
Bravado CD x2   RRR 021
By-Tor 74 CD-R USA # 156
Californiamania CD-R x4 USA 0901.50-00
Californiamania - part 2 CD-R x2 USA 1211.64-01
Californiamania - part 3 CD-R x2 USA 1411.65-01
Can't Fight It CD Japan GE 122
Careful With That Axe, Alex CD Germany CTD 009
Catch the angel CD-R USA 1207.63-01
Catch the spirit CD x2 Japan GE 168 / 169
Celebrate the eve of the big wave CD Japan GE 119
Changing Hemispheres DVD x4 / Buch UK none
Closer To Our Heart CD Italy MECD 1160
Cold flames CD x2 Italy CSCD 007 / 8
Come in and feel the show CD-R USA 3101.9-98
Come to a standstill CD x2 Luxemborg 05.94.0230/1
Conduction CD x2 Japan GE 059 / 060
Contents under pressure CD-R x2 USA DR 92283-8
Cool Dream CD x2 Japan GE 203/204
Critical mass CD-R x2 USA PR-0696
Currently in vogue CD USA Karma 002
Currently in vogue CD USA Karma 002
Cygnus gold edition CD-R x2 USA P199507
Cygnus X Story CD x2 Japan GE 024 / 025
Dallas Project CD-R x4 USA 2308.53-00
Dances with the moon CD-R x3 UK SRR - 002
Déjà vu CD-R UK SRR - 007
Diamonds in the waste CD   BMCD 07
Different Stages - Live CD-R x3 USA 1601.28-99
Dip into - live Ottawa CD-R x2 USA 2702.60-01
Discoveries CD-R UK SRR - 005
Distant Early Warning LP USA 840715 M-1
Distant signals CD-R x2 USA DR 11782-0
Dreams flow across the heartland CD-R x2 USA PR 199809
Drive 'til you die CD-R x2 USA 0410.20-98
Ductile iron CD-R USA 2008.38-99
Echo CD-R x3 USA 3112.3-97
Echoes On The Stages CD x3 Japan WT 2002083/4/5
Electric LP USA Quick 01
Electric Ladyland New York City 1974 LP EU PARA 052 PD
Electric Ladyland studios 1974 CD   elements - 039
Event CD-R x3 USA 1001.4-98
Evidence CD-R x2 USA 1001.57-01
Exit…Stage Left DVD Brazil D 2345
Experience to extremes CD-R x2 USA PR-0897
Extreme exult CD-R USA 0406.32-99
Farewell to Frankfurt CD x2 Japan STTP 134/135
Fear CD-R USA C199805
Finding The Way LP UK CPLVNY 051
First night in Germany CD-R x2 USA 2509.40-99
First time CD-R USA 0706.33-99
First vision under pressure CD   elements - 034
Fly by Cleveland '74 CD   elements - 024
Fly By Night LP EU RJ-7012
Fly In The Night CD Italy TKCD 1053
Flying By Night LP EU CPLVNY 042
Flying By Night LP Portugal CPLVNY 044
Freefall CD-R USA GT-022
Fresno Mood CD-R USA 0207.34-99
Gambling Under Pressure CD-R x2 USA LDR 0110/0111
Gangster of boats CD x2 Italy IST 21
Geometric Order CD-R x2 UK SRR-014
Glasgow 1 CD-R x2 USA 1008.17-98
Glasgow 2 CD-R x2 USA 1909-18-98
Graceful CD-R x3 USA 0512.47-99
Greatest Show CD-R x3 USA 0202.11-98
Hammersmith '79 CD-R x3 USA 2209.42-99
Hawaii Under Pressure CD x2 Spain GREX 040
Hear In Hear Out CD x2 Japan GE 164 / 165
Hemispheres - The Last Night 10 inch x2 UK  
Hemispheres - The Last Night LP UK  
Hemispheres In Concert LP x2 France VER 89
Hemispheres Performance CD Japan elements - 042
Hemmerlein Halls CD-R x2 USA 3012.2-97
Here Again CD-R x2 USA 2501.8-98
Hydrant CD-R x2 USA 1111.25-98
Hyperspace CD Japan GE 170
Imaginations on fire CD-R x2 USA SC20004
In the middle CD-R x2 USA 1201.56-01
In touch CD-R x3 USA 2905.30-99
In town CD-R x2 USA 2712.1-97
Individually, we are a ass, but ... CD-R x3 USA 1102.10-98
Interview LP UK BAK 2083
Invisible airwaves CD-R x2 UK SRR-010
Is there anybody out there ? CD-R x3 USA 1202.12-98
Kiel Auditorium LP x2 EU RV2LP 1012
La villa strangiato CD Italy SEA 040
La villa strangiato CD-R Czech Republic FLD 1011
Laguna hills CD-R x2 USA 2005.61-01
Life Under Pressure CD Italy MM 90021
Live CD   WS-CD 018
Live Anthem 1975 CD Japan GE 080
Live At St. Catherines April 1974 LP EU VER 16
Live CD CD Australia  
Live Frankfurt CD x2 USA  
Live from the E.L. studios 1974 CD Italy KR 016
Live In Landover Maryland 1984 LP x2 EU DBQP 09
Live in New York 2004 CD x3 EU IMA 104301
Live in New York 2004 DVD x2 EU IMM 940262
Live In St. Louis 1980 CD Europe BRR 6018
Live in Toronto 1986 CD Luxemborg BOLS 019
Live On Air CD x4 EU LM 140
Live St. Louis 1980 LP x2 UK DOR 2030H
Live To Air CD x2 Japan VSCD3298/9
Live USA CD Germany imm 40.90111
Live Vol. 1 CD Australia JOK-027-A
Lock, stock and barrelled CD x2   BMCD 21
London '79 CD-R x2 USA 2409.41-99
Look and see CD-R x3 USA 1605.15-98
Looking Through A Window... In Quebec LP x2 Canada KAXY 003
Made in Japan CD x2 Japan GE 115/116
Magic of radio CD x2 Japan GE 088 / 089
Majestic symphonies CD x2 Germany RTT 034/035
Mardi gras CD x2 Australia GM-3A
Maryland '86 CD-R x2 USA 1808.37-99
Mirrors CD x2   OXY 003
Mistress Of The Dark CD x2 Japan GE 171/172
Moment of glory CD-R x2 USA SIR 0210/0211
Moon Over Cleveland LP Canada MN 100
Moon Over Cleveland LP x2 Canada MN 100
Mountain View CD-R x2 USA JR 001 / 002
Moving Pictures Story CD x2 Japan GE 056 / 057
Moving Stage CD x2 Japan GE 093 / 094
Mystic dreams CD   WER-05
Nassau Coliseum - 1982 LP x2   erased number
Natural Science CD Japan GE 061
Never Stands Still CD x2   FTCD 09697
New Orleans 1992 CD x2 Italy PSCD 2257
New world CD-R x2 USA 0511.24-98
New York '81 CD-R x2 USA 1310.44-99
Northern heroes CD x2 Italy CMO 25
Northwest Pacific CD-R x8 USA 1403.29-99
Oak Opression CD x2 Japan GE 183 / 184
Obsolete Absolom CD Japan GE 052
Ohio 1975 LP EU PARA 032 LP
Ohio 1975 LP EU PARA 053 PD
One CD Italy INV.CD.5-008
Over the Europe CD x2 Italy MECD 2084 / 5
P / G CD-R x2 USA 2104.14-98
Paramount eve CD-R x2 USA 3107.35-99
Pensacola CD x2 Australia GM-4A
Permanent tour CD-R x2 USA 1903.59-01
Pinktop LP USA T - 71114
Power Surge CD-R x2 UK SRR-012
Praying For The Light CD Japan GE 039
Prepare For Tour CD-R USA 2405.62-01
Pressure Release LP x2   XL - 1598
Radio Spirits 1974 - 1980 LP x4 EU STBVNY006
Radio Waves LP EU CPLVNY 062
Red barchetta CD Italy RFCD 1055
Red sector A CD-R x2 USA 1402.13-98
Red stages CD-R x2 USA 0106.31-99
Red stars of the solar federation CD France CD 9 DEF
Remnants - Volume 1 CD-R UK SRR-013
Remnants - Volume 2 CD-R UK SRR-015
Rhythms of the night CD-R x2 USA LR-001
Road Tested CD-R x2 Germany  
Rocinante CD-R UK SRR - 001
Rocinante CD-R UK SRR - 001
Rockline 14-May-2007 CD-R x2 USA  
Roll the stones CD-R x3 USA 1601.5-98
Run faster CD-R USA ?
Run From The Fans CD Italy KTS 094
Rush 'N' Roulette LP x3 USA TAKRL 2012
Rush 'N' Roulette '92 CD x2   SIRA 54
Rush hour CD Luxemborg CT 50002
Rush hour - Greatest hits live CD Germany LLRCD 221
Rushhour CD   SL-CD 009
Rushian roulette CD Italy MM 90018
Sacramento CD-R x2 USA 1012.49-99
Sailing Into Destiny LP x2 USA Rush 2112
Salt & pepper CD-R x3 USA 1508.36-99
Scissors, paper, stone CD-R x2 UK SRR - 004
Signals from London remastered CD-R x2 USA # 151
Significant CD-R x8 USA 3008.54-00
Signpost CD-R x3 USA 2410.23-98
Soliloquy CD-R x3 USA 0109.39-99
Spirit Of The Airwaves CD EU SMCD 925
Spirit Of The Airwaves LP EU RCV 144 LPLTD
Spirit Of The Airwaves LP EU RCV 143 LP
Spirit Of Valentine's Day LP x2 Canada Moon 001
Stainless steel CD-R USA DR 11575-8
Stellar Dynamics LP x2 USA 7991
Storm in St. Petersburg CD x2 Italy HR 5973
Summer nights CD-R x2 USA DR 60277-8
Superconductor CD   EXR 009
Supergroups CD-R USA 7319G022222
Taurus pedals from hell CD-R USA 0498-02
Tear the temples down CD-R USA DR 12876-5
Temple of Syrinx CD Italy 11
Temples Of The Syrinx LP USA Q-9023
Temples Of The Syrinx LP USA Q-9023
Test For Echo LP EU PD 83739-1
Test it CD-R x3 USA 1010.21-98
That's entertainment CD-R x2 USA P199806
The 3 magicians CD x2   BP-95003
The age of wonders CD-R USA PR-1297
The another world a stage / Tuning man CD x2 Japan GE 117/118
The Archives tour CD-R x2 USA 1110.43-99
The Chris Tetley Interviews LP UK CT 1027
The Complete Agora CD x2 EU HB 008
The Fifth Order Of Angels CD x2 Spain GREX 046
The fly CD Italy MECD 2069
The hallowed halls CD-R UK SRR - 003
The Lady Gone Electric NYC 1974 LP x2 EU RCV 159 LP
The Necromancer CD x2 Japan GE 110/111
The Rise Of Kings DVD USA  
The Rush interviews - Vol. 2 CD UK CBAK 4064
The spirit of radiostar CD   elements - 022
The spirit of St. Louis CD Luxemborg Rocks 92016
The story of kings CD UK CBAK 4055
The Summit board CD-R x3 USA DR 20596-9
The walk of fame CD-R x2 USA 1602.51-00
The Winterland CD-R USA 0107.33-99
The work of gifted hands (platinum) CD-R USA DR 12776-8
Thomas & Mack CD-R x3 USA 1111.46-99
Through Any Window LP x2   RZ 2441
Time to roll CD   RED 004
Timeless Wavelength LP x2 EU IH 66
Tivoli gardens CD-R x2 USA 0110.16-98
To hear amazing things ... CD-R x3 USA SC 1998 07
Tom Sawyer LP x2 USA UD-6566
Tour Of The Hemispheres CD x2 Japan GE 166 / 167
Two CD Italy INV.CD.5-009
Two Great Suites CD x2 Japan GE 113/114
Vancouver Circumstances CD Japan GE 143
Waterproof CD-R x2 USA 1211.26-98
Westwood One: Supergroups In Concert CD-R Japan 868421-2
What's On Today ? CD-R x2 USA 1501.58-01
Working Man CD-R x2 USA 2011.27-98
Xanadu LP x2 Australia TRW 1947
Xanadu LP x2 USA Rv 8353

ABC 1974

  • UK [RCV073 LP] Black wax
  • UK [RCV073 LP] Blue wax
  • UK [RCV073 LP] Red wax (#146)
  • UK [RCV073 LPLTD] Split colour RSD2013

Spirit Of The Airwaves

  • UK [RCV144 LPLTD] Grey wax

Spirit Of The Airwaves

  • UK [RCV143 LP] Black wax

The Lady Gone Electric

  • UK [RCV159LP] White wax


ABC 1974 

  • Czech Rep. [LFMCD 512]


Spirit Of The Airwaves 

  • Czech Rep. [SMCD 925] Slipcase

Live To Air

  • Japan/Taiwan [VSCD 3298/9]

Moon Over Cleveland

  • ? [MN 100] red wax - blue wax
  • ? [MN 100] orange wax - red wax

Spirit Of St. Valentine

  • ? [MOON001] red wax - orange wax 

Live At Kiel Auditorium

  • UK [RV2LP1012]

Live In St.Louis 1980

  • UK [DOR 2030H]

Flying By Night

  • UK [CPLVNY044] orange wax

Flying By Night

  • UK [CPLVNY044] tawny wax

Finding The Way

  • UK [CPLVNY051] arctic pearl wax

Radio Waves

  • UK [CPLVNY062] stone effect wax

A Passage To Syrinx

  • UK [CPLVNY087] blue sparkle wax

2112 In Concert

  • UK [STBVNY002] violet wax

2112 In Concert

  • UK [STBPD002] Picture disc

2112 In Concert

  • UK [CPLTIV001] 2x 10 inch / splatter vinyl

Radio Spirits 1874 - 1980

  • UK [STBVNY006] Box set contains 4 LP's

Timeless Wavelength

  • UK [IH 66]

ABC 1974

  • UK [PARA 051 PD] 

Electric Ladyland New York City 1974

  • UK [PARA 052 PD] 

Ohio 1975

  • UK [PARA 032 LP] grey vinyl

Ohio 1975

  • UK [PARA 053 PD ]

Agora Ballroom, Cleveland Ohio 16.12.74

  • UK [RVLP 2046] Insert / white vinyl

Agora Ballroom, Cleveland Ohio 16.12.74

  • UK [RVPD 2046] Picture Disc

Agora Ballroom, Cleveland Ohio, May 1975

  • UK [RVLP 2050]

Agora Ballroom, Cleveland Ohio, May 1975

  • UK [RVPD 2050] Picture Disc

ABC 1974

  • NL [CL76026] 

Live At Mecca Arena 1984

  • EU [DBQP09] 

Live In St. Catharines, April 1974

  • EU [VER 16] 

Hemispheres In Concert

  • EU [VER 89] VER 16 on cover

Hemispheres... The Last Night

  • UK [CPLTIV029] 2x 10 inch / sky blue vinyl

Hemispheres... The Last Night

  • UK [CRNPD004] picture disc

Live In Northampton March 1975

  • EU [VER 17]

Grace Under Pressure Tour 1984

  • EU [VER 99]