The Big Money [UK] 080 084-2

Time Stand Still [USA] CDP 05

Time Stand Still [UK] RUSCD 13  [Germany] 888 941-2

Prime Mover [UK] RUSCD 14  [Germany] 870 108-2

Marathon [Canada] PRO-1

Superconductor [USA] PR 3331-2

Show Don't Tell [Canada] PRO-CD-3

Show Don't Tell [Canada] PRO-4

Show Don't Tell [USA] PR 3082-2

Show Don't Tell [USA] PR 3125-2

The Pass [Canada] PRO5

The Pass [Canada] PRO6

The Pass [USA] PR 3165-2

The Pass [USA] PR 3175-2

Roll The Bones [Canada] PRO 9

Roll The Bones [Germany] PM 1098

Roll The Bones [Germany] 7567-85929-2

Roll The Bones [UK] A 7524 CD  [Germany] 7567-85900-2

Roll The Bones [UK] A 7524 CDX  [Germany] 7567-85901-2

Roll The Bones [UK] A 7524 CDX  [Germany] 7567-85901-2

Roll The Bones [USA] PRCD 4260-2

Ghost Of A Chance [Germany] PM 1119
Ghost Of A Chance [UK] A 7491 CD  [Germany] 7567-87874-2
Ghost Of A Chance [UK] A 7491 CD  [Germany] 7567-87874-2  diff CD face
Ghost Of A Chance [USA] PRCD 4458-2

Dreamline [Canada] PRO 8

Dreamline [USA] PRCD 4120-2

Where's My Thing? [USA] PRCD 4126-2

Bravado [USA] PRCD 4580-2

Stick It Out [USA] PRCD 5314-2

Nobody's Hero [USA] PRCD 5430-2

Nobody's Hero [USA] PRCD 5497-2

Double Agent [USA] PRCD 5431-2

Test For Echo [USA] PRCD 6853-2

Test For Echo [USA] PRCD 6885-2

Half The World [Canada] PRCD 17

Half The World [USA] PRCD 6930

Driven [USA] PRCD 8009

Virtuality [USA] PRCD 8139

Different Stages Sampler [Canada] PRCD 18

The Spirit Of Radio / 2112 [USA] PRCD 8690

The Spirit Of Radio / 2112 [USA] PRCD 8690

Sampler [USA] PRCD 8681

Closer To The Heart [USA] PRCD 8804

One Little Victory [USA] PRCD 300749

One Little Victory [USA] PRCD 300857

Secret Touch [USA] PRCD 300863

Sweet Miracle [USA] PRCD 300930

Resist (live) [Canada/USA] P1ZOE 1279P

Sampler [USA] PRCD 301227

Summertime Blues [Germany] PRO 4967

Summertime Blues [USA] PRCD 301512

Tom Sawyer (live) [Canada/USA] Zoe 01143-1082-9 PSI 01

Far Cry [USA] PRCD 133692

Spindrift [USA] PRCD 260476

The Larger Bowl [USA] PRCD 294844

Workin' Them Angels [USA] PRCD 454780

Caravan [Canada] PRCD 19

Caravan [Canada] PRCD 20

Headlong Flight [EU/Germany] PRO 16967

The Wreckers [EU/Germany] PRO 16978