Germany [MCD05542]



Japan [MCAD-5542]

Except for the stickered OBI

identical to the US export version


Japan [WMC5-79]

Japan [WMC5-79]


Promo edition


Sweden [251 956-2]


CD manufactured in Sweden

Booklet printed in Germany

USA [MCAD-5542]


CD manufactured in Japan

USA [MCAD-5542]


CD manufactured in USA



Argentina [AVI 4973]
Australia [VPL 1-6599]
Australia [VPL 1-6599] Promo
Brazil [1044 165] 

Canada [LAT 1122]

Canada [LAT 1122] Columbia House

Canada [LAT 1122] Columbia House variant

Canada [MCA 5542]
Canada [MCA-39311] 
France [PL 13902]
Germany [6.24.890-01]
Japan [RPL-8103] 
Japan [RPL-8103] Promo
Philippines [XLFPI 1009] 
South Africa [TRC 3058]

Spain [PL 13902] IS
UK [RCA LP 6002]  
USA [AFL 1-3902]  
USA [MCA-39311]
USA [MCA 5542]
USA [MCA-5542] Promo

USA [R-134237] Record Club

USA [TML 78500-1]

USA [RHR006LP] 2017 re-issue on gold wax / pressed in CZ